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View of swimming pool at luxury Finca in south ibiza

Villas for rent that reconnect with nature. We speak to the landscape designers responsible for this trio of green spaces.

Ibiza might be nicknamed the ‘White Isle’ today, but the Ancient Greeks knew the Balearics as the Pityusic or ‘pine’ islands after the coniferous trees that have covered the landscape for over 7,000 years. This enduring greenness gives the island undeniable appeal – and provides endless inspiration.

Speak to any garden designer here and there’s a universal truth to their approach: the existing landscape must be embraced in both aesthetic and functional senses. At Finca Alma, Villa Estilo and Casa Chumbera — inland villas for rent set in rural locations — the landscapers have looked to the rugged surroundings and local flora and fauna to inform their modus operandi. Each of these gardens contributes to the island’s rich ecosystem year-round while existing as utterly tranquil and beautiful environments in which to press pause.

Finca Alma Homeowners Victor and India by the pool

“We love trees and how they communicate with each other. It’s like they have their own little society.”

- India and Victor, Finca Alma

Finca Alma, South Ibiza

Finca Alma homeowners India and Victor are passionate nature enthusiasts. “We were fortunate enough to inherit a beautiful plot that used to be a water torrent,” says Victor of their home, which is sequestered in a pine-clad valley carved by flowing water centuries ago. “We endeavoured to preserve its originality by incorporating the existing trees, while lovingly adding some new components.”

The four-acre plot was ripe for landscaping creativity. Working alongside The Blue Pearl, a sustainably focused design agency, the couple was able to combine local and international planting to mesmerising effect. You’ll find traditional Ibicenco pines alongside Australian Fincus evergreens and dramatic San Pedro cacti, a plant deeply entwined with Andean rituals and traditional medicine. Architecture and nature exist in harmony here, too. In the outdoor dining area, the stone paving was carefully engineered around the existing palms.

At around 850 years old, the home’s oldest tree is situated in the designated Japanese Garden. “It’s almost mystical. You can meditate next to ‘him’ on the yoga deck or admire it through the window of the Aito sauna,” says Victor. “We love trees and how they communicate with each other. It’s like they have their own little society.” For the gastronomes, there’s also an array of citrus trees, as well as pomegranates. “To top it off, we harvest black pepper and produce our own olive oil, thanks to a dozen olive trees.”

India and Victor’s adoration for their natural surroundings is infectious – and reflected in every corner of Finca Alma. From the principal bedroom’s jasmine-covered private terrace to the garden house that gazes across the abundant grounds, Finca Alma encourages a deep connection with Ibiza’s extraordinary landscape.

Finca Alma is available to rent from €31,050 per week

Villa Estilo, San Lorenzo

Deep in a rural valley in the rugged north of the island lies Villa Estilo, a modern villa with a lush garden masterminded by award-winning landscaper Martín Toimil. “Villa Estilo is very original,” Martín says. “We took inspiration from the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech as well as the owner’s eclectic personal taste.”

With its cubist architecture and luxuriant planting, it certainly recalls the drawcard garden designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle. But it was the surrounding landscape that really guided Martín in his renovation. “The challenge for us was to integrate such a sophisticated garden into this rural landscape of fruit orchards and farmhouses. We carefully selected species that produce a well-balanced environment that’s both stylish and rustic. It’s exciting to work so closely with the existing geography,” he says.

Backdropped by fragrant lavender fields, an avenue lined with cypress trees provides a captivating welcome into the property. Through the wooden entrance archway, a stone pathway gives way to electric-blue walls adored with lanterns — directly matching those of the Moroccan Majorelle house. In the centre of the garden, a saltwater pool is encircled by over 60 varieties of herbaceous plants. “So much biodiversity exists here. It’s a very dynamic setting with changing colours and textures throughout the year,” notes Martin. “This shrubbery is always full of insects and butterflies, and you can often hear birdsong.”

“We carefully selected species that produce a well-balanced environment that’s both stylish and rustic. It’s exciting to work so closely with the existing geography.”

The vast outside space is zoned into different areas, “each with its own personality,” Martín adds. There’s a sense of surprise as you discover the various concealed chillout spots, each kept shady with taller planting. “Everyone can find their own different corner. Mine is under an old mulberry tree where we hung a swing. It has an amazing view of the garden.”

Martín took great care when selecting the trees for the plot. “We chose deciduous varieties, which provide shade in the summer but allow the sun through in winter,” he points out. “Most are mulberry and plane trees, all which coexist with the olive, carob, fig and almond trees that were already present on site. We have to preserve their cultural, aesthetic and ecological significance.”

Villa Estilo is available to rent from €18,000 per week

Casa Chumbera, Es Cubells

Casa Chumbera is completely nestled in its natural surroundings. A crop of pine trees surrounds the walled 65,000 square metre plot bringing a feeling of complete seclusion – and a starting point for Portugal-based designers Nina Gardens.

“We aimed to make a space that felt both organic and intuitive,” says Isabel Theodora, who runs the garden and floral design studio alongside her mother, Nina, in honour of her grandmother, Mafalda. The creation of Casa Chumbera’s garden was one of collective passion and enterprise, with Nina Gardens teaming up with landscaper Teresa Mendia Vieira and architect Duarte Mendia Vieira who helped craft the pool house. The resulting al fresco space is full of different textures and levels, united by a laid-back atmosphere.

“We were mindful of the existing architecture and materials, ensuring our garden complemented and harmonised with the regional aesthetic,” Isabel adds. “It’s our way of respecting nature. Indigenous plants can thrive with less water and support the surrounding ecosystem.” Ancient olive trees and a varied vegetable garden are beacons for local wildlife and provide fresh produce for home cooking. “Creating produce is satisfying. It’s a reminder of nature’s cycles and the importance of sustainable living.”

“Working as a family is an incredibly rewarding experience. Our bond translates into a strong desire to deliver our best to clients, ensuring each project is handled with personal care and dedication.”

- Isabel Theodora, Nina Gardens


Nina Gardens has a soulful approach, stemming from three generations of nature enthusiasts. Each of the women spent their childhoods in the wild landscapes of Azeitão and Comporta, districts with many similarities to Ibiza’s countryside. “Working as a family is an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Isabel. “Our bond translates into a strong desire to deliver our best to clients, ensuring each project is handled with personal care and dedication.”

Boldly contrasting against the pretty fringes of herbs and foliage are the villa’s namesake chumbera cacti. “They were selected as living sculptures that add unique shapes and textures to the garden,” explains Isabel. These lofty succulents can be admired from within the villa too, courtesy of floor-to-ceiling glazing. This engaging blend of architecture and nature is something which draws Isabel to projects in Ibiza. “My favourite aspect of the island is its authentic style, where traditional buildings meet the natural beauty of the landscape.”

Casa Chumbera is available for longer term rentals from €50,000 per week