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Kanghee Kim image

Optical Illusions may seem outdated and even a bit ludicrous, to most, however Korean artist Kanghee Kim’s seamless blend of contrasting landscapes via her emotive imagery leaves viewers stunned.

Armed with a gallery of dramatic works and pieces, perusing through her portfolio you are witness to a wealth of colourful imagery, vastly contrasting scenes and delicately placed palm trees standing atop concrete jungles and poking out from above fluffy clouds. How does Kim pull this off you may ask; well a magician never gives away her secrets.

Her latest book, Golden Hour, documents a beautiful juxtaposition of seemingly industrial, rough settings with the tranquillity of Golden Hour. Autumn leaves can be seen swaying in front of apartment blocks and broken blinds give a sneak view to illuminated skyscrapers within this wonderfully curated publication.

Blessing the covers and pages of major magazines and online zines such as I-D MagazineVICEIgnant and The Fader, Kim’s influence across the internet is undeniable. Her imagery is instantly recognisable and demands the attention of those who look upon it.