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Rockwell bath by The Water Monopoly
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El monopolio del agua


Inspired by the past, The Water Monopoly brings beautiful and individual bathroom furniture to a to a discerning international clientele.

Justin Homewood set up The Water Monopoly on a farm in Sussex in 1990 – aged 19 – with the philosophy that we all like to be surrounded by “warmth, comfort and colour.” What started as a quirky rural hobby began to generate a lot of attention – breathing life into that ‘forgotten’ space, the bathroom. Their skilled team of plumbers, metal workers, polishers and surface restorers work with precision and passion to create compelling baths, sinks and fixtures.

The Water Monopoly showcases its beautiful pieces at their Queens Park showroom and workshop, with around 80% of their products being manufactured in the U.K. Their own designs take inspiration from the past and update the styles with contemporary palette and materials. Their innovative designs sits side-by-side with antique pieces; the colourful Rockwell collection feels equally at home in traditional or contemporary settings, whereas the Paris captures the classical elegance of the Belle Epoque.

- Antique Bath

Their innovative designs sits side-by-side with antique pieces.

- Vintage Bath