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Lighting by luxury designer Lodes
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A three-generation evolution of innovative design. Lodes are Venetian lighting experts with over 70 years of experience, and their four key principles – mastery, research, relations and Italianness – guide each project.

Formally known as Studio Italia Design, Lodes have been the pioneers of beautiful lighting worldwide since 1950. Headed by general manager Massimiliano Tosetto, they are a group of passion-led design virtuosos delivering lighting to over 90 countries worldwide. They welcome modern contemporary design whilst celebrating the company’s Italian heritage and prestige; continually developing their techniques and strengthening their practice, experience and skill is handed between generations.

By aligning modern technology with traditional glass-making and metalwork techniques, the company create beautifully sculptural lighting that are at once timeless and functional. They are best known for their pendant and wall lighting, with bestsellers including their Random Pendant, Rain Pendant and Nautilus Wall Light. The company has worked with prestigious partners such as Chia-Ying Lee, Dima Loginoff and Luca Nichetto, generating an impressive catalogue of projects with outstanding lighting.

Desk by Lodes

Experience and skill is handed between generations.

Hanging lighting by Lodes