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Li Ramet

Artistas y artesanos
Artistas y artesanos

An Ibiza-based artist encouraging self-empowerment through imaginative, exploratory artwork.

For Argentina-born and Ibiza-based artist, Melisa Ramet, aka Li Ramet, art is a form of therapy. Immersed in the creative world from a young age, as an undergraduate she became fascinated with power of art as a therapeutic tool. Now combining her two passions, Melisa works as both an artist and runs art therapy sessions on the island. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the island, her wide range of mediums includes painting, photography, collages, video and performance art.

Her work features in private collections and has been shown in solo and in group exhibitions at various galleries in Spain, New York, France, Istanbul, and Argentina. She is also  co-founder and curator of Wondering Futuresart experiences & ArtCollectiveIbiza, a female artist collective.

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