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El Domo


A sculpture studio crafting shapeshifting furniture that embodies both practicality and playfulness.

Ask Clovis Neymo whether he considers his work to be sculpture or furniture and he’ll say both. “It’s the art of combining the practical with the aesthetic,” the French native decides. “The furniture merges with the walls, and the walls become the furniture so that the house itself ends up becoming a sculpture.”

Settling in Ibiza several years ago, he started off creating earthen domes as part of an artistic residency. Soon realising that he preferred designing the interiors of the dwellings more than the external structure, he turned to sculpting furniture.

Inspired by the fluid forms found in nature, he began creating undulating installations under the name El Domo. With their curved, ununiform edges, his designs feel particularly at home within the island’s traditional fincas. He now lives between Paris and Ibiza where the growing interest in his art allows him to energize his work: new materials, new methods and ever more original and personal forms.

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