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Andrew Martin

Artistas y artesanos
Artistas y artesanos

Design with the power to both transfix and transport. Andrew Martin is a vision of uncompromisingly characterful interior design.

Since 1978, Andrew Martin has been at the forefront of global design. From championing the best interior designers to shining a light on hidden cultures, they have crafted a stage for discovery and celebration. A unique evocation of the romance of travel.

A pioneer of the travel-inspired aesthetic, the brand has become the go-to destination for characterful furnishings, wallpapers, textiles, and home accessories. Andrew Martin decorates some of the world’s best hotels and private residences, and the design house’s London showrooms are a fusion of stories as such – a theatre for the world’s kaleidoscope of cultures, eras, and origins. Founder Martin Waller remains at the heart of the brand to this day. He champions the world’s leading interior designers through his prestigious Interior Designer of the Year Award which has been dubbed “the Oscars of the Interior Design world.”

At their newest showroom on Tottenham Court Road, step into a vast space transformed from head to toe in Andrew Martin’s signature Aladdin’s cave design style and discover a wealth of excitement and treasures.

While many designers want to say something new, I want to say something old - to capture the flavour of an antique land and somehow bottle it.