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A vision by Town and Concrete

15th Aug 2017

Domus Nova Blog Image

Cyril Lancelin is a French architect and art director who, after working with several influential architects and artists in Paris, started his own creative studio, Town and Concrete in 2016. As well as working on a wide range of commissions, he constantly works towards pushing creative boundaries. He is clearly not afraid to dream, and is somewhat unique in his delivery of conceptual projects. Whether it’s a design for a house or a public installation, his renderings are always beautifully demonstrated.

Digital technology affords us so much these days. In the world of architecture and design, it gives visionaries the means to let others experience a vision before it is truly, physically realised. Imagination no longer exists solely for its owner and can so easily be translated into a visual aesthetic - minus ‘first draft flaws’. It’s because of digital renderings that the exciting mind of Cyril Lancelin is so readily available for all architecture and design enthusiasts to enjoy.

One of Lancelin’s current projects is the Pyramid installation, which he envisions as an itinerant, pyramidal structure designed to move between festivals and galleries. Of course, we’d love nothing more than to experience the Pyramid in reality, but the pictures make us pretty happy in lieu! Pink, bouncy and shaped like a chunk of Toblerone, the project is unmistakably whimsical and curious – no doubt a rather accurate snapshot into the artist’s mind.

He further explains the functionality and thought process behind the Pyramid Installation, in which he creates limits without making walls.

The structure itself is pierced by two cylindrical holes that intersect. It is composed of hundreds of juxtaposed inflatable balloons of different sizes randomly distributed. From a sphere, a pyramid is created. As it is inflatable, you can bounce in it, and making contact with the boundaries is supposed to be part of the experience.

The gradient of the tunnel goes in at a slight incline, making it difficult to climb to the centre, but this offers a tactile and exciting challenge. These openings allow spectators to have a view of the inside from the outside of the pyramid, giving it a transparent quality. It then develops further into an experience of matter and form.

The pyramid is pink so that it can obtain maximum visibility wherever it might be. The main attraction is ultimately the physical experience you can have climbing inside it but the nature of its inflatable structure affords a visual benefit that you can see from the outside. The semi opaque material should catch the light in an almost iridescent manner, and with those hundreds of spheres, the lighting effects will become another experience altogether.

For those interested in seeing more of Town and Concrete’s whimsical creations, there are plenty more to explore on the website. We hope one day to explore them in person.

Town and Concrete:

Instagram: @town.and.concrete